Reducere in club Bordello cu cardul Euro26 la Fantasy Saturday

Take a trip to what we consider a fantasy world!

If it’s Saturday it’s a weekend party and that means a huge event all around Bordello, in all the rooms, on all the floors, people having the best time of their life.

Each Saturday we take you on a fantasy trip in fairy tales, role-play and imagination. The girls are there for your entertainment and if you want a complete Bordello experience you should stop by the cabaret when there is a show. Question that remains is: are you ready for a truely unique experience? Than step right in, we have a fantastic world to present you.

Entertainment is ensured by Dj Tzone providing video-music mixing and the Mulanruj Sins with their shadow dancing, jaw dropping shows.

It’s always best to book your table in advance, even a few days earlier, or we might not be able to provide you with sitting. For reservations as always call 0748 881 085 or mail us at