Made in Romania Euro26 iti asigura discount la muzica, mancare si bauturi romanesti

Made in Romania – live with Etajul 4

Get to know it better, or remember it

Ever get nostalgic about some of the best Romanian songs and want to hear them live? Or maybe curious about them in case you never heard them. Want a taste of the local and Balkan cuisine with a small twist, or maybe some unique cocktails designed around local drinks?

If that is the case you found the right night to come to Bordello. The resident band of the evening is Etajul 4, and the music is just great.

We invite you to discover this other side of Romania, have one of the local spirits, wines or dishes. It all comes down to having a great time along your friends. For more info dont hesitate to give us a call and our staff will be more than happy to provide you with everything you need

It’s always best to book your table in advance, for reservations as always call 0748 881 085 or mail us at