New routes to employment for young people in Europe: Young Innovators take forward EYCA’s Mobility in the Mind

The Mobility in the Mind project aims to support young people to co-create opportunities for employment for themselves and their peers in Europe. Co-funded by the European Union and implemented by Young Innovators with the support of five EYCA member organisations, the project was launched through a Symposium in Lisbon in March, followed by a regional seminar in Belgrade from May 15 to 17. Four more regional seminars will take place in September and October.



The Lisbon Symposium brought together 40 participants, including Young Innovators from 5 European countries, policy makers, business representatives, and EYCA member organisations. Building on the results of the Symposium, the regional seminar in Belgrade saw Europski Omladisnki Centar, the EYCA member organisation in Serbia, support 10 Young Innovators to develop their business ideas through two intensive days of training and knowledge sharing from some of the best experts in the country.

The aim of the seminar was to equip Young Innovators with new skills and tools to develop their ideas into successful social enterprise initiatives. Young Innovators received feedback and advice from Pavle Krivokuća, business expert from Impact Hub Belgrade, and got to hear directly from a successful Serbian entrepreneur, Sonja Dakić, about the practice of developing a social enterprise, with its opportunities and everyday challenges.The seminar introduced the Young Innovators to business model development techniques, in particular the Lean Model Canvas and how to use it to take their ideas forward. In addition, the seminar featured a training section on fundraising and pitching ideas to investors.

Similar seminars will be organised by four other EYCA member organisations in September and October focusing on four additional sectors:  green initiatives, tourism and hospitality, communications & digital technology, and cultural industries.

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